If you have a product or service that you need to get out to the equine world, or you are a local retailer, restaurant, or other vendor at the Rodeo/Show location, you need to look at the KCI / Arena Management LIVE RESULTS , and KCI Online Entry BANNER AD systems to get your message out in front of buyers that are actually attending, using their horses at rodeos , barrel races, and other competitive events. You will never find a more targeted audience for your advertising. Event Vendors on site can let  contestants know of show specials for your booth.

KCI / ARENA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE is now providing LIVE ONLINE RESULTS for many of the leading rodeo associations, and major barrel racing production companies in North America, and soon in New Zealand, and Australia. The LIVE RESULTS service allows contestants to see LIVE results as the production is going on, and to see what the next contestant draw number is coming up as the events progress.

The user can also see the leaders (top 4 places) of EACH event/class of the Show/Rodeo as they fill in REAL TIME. Contestants can also look up their (or other contestants) by name to see what their draw number is, or to see what their time/score was for the events.

The KCI Performance Results requires NO APP to be installed on the users phone or other platforms. Just  have a smart phone, or any other platform that allows access to the internet.

In the 30 day (August) period ending Sept 3rd, 2016, the usage counts for the KCI Web Services were as follows:

146,197 Page Views

17,018 Unique Users

35,084 Sessions

 This is a new service and page views and sessions are increasing at a rate of around 25 to 30% a month. The previous 30 day (July) period had 115,000 page views, and 25,000 sessions, the June period experienced 95,000 page views, and 20,000 sessions

and will only increase even more dramatically as the service expands to more associations, and producers. 


Below is a breakdown of some of the prime KCI Web services pages for the 30 day period ending Sept 3rd, 2016

A typical Barrel Race with 300 to 500 contestants entered will generate around 13,000 to 18,000 page views per show, we limit the banners ads to 4 per Show, and average individual banner ad views will be viewed between 3,000, and 5,000 times during the event, we leave the results up for up to a year, as the users tend to come back to check performance of them selves and competitors. In our Rodeos, the average page views from the first 2 UPRA rodeos we did had between 2500, and 3500 page views per rodeo.

The returning views AFTER the rodeo will run about 10% of those counts, our research shows that a good part of those late returns are to check on stock draws from previous rodeos.

Our options for banner ads, include the following:

Individual Rodeos - if space available $200 for each banner ad - max 4 banners per rodeo to assure exposure

Association Rodeos series-  call for availability and pricing

Association Finals Rodeos - Call for availably and pricing

Barrel Racing Events

Less than 250 pre-entries - $200 for each banner ad - max 4 banners per event to assure exposure

250-500 pre-entries - $300 for each banner ad - max 4 banners per event to assure exposure

500 or more pre-entries $400 for each banner ad - max 4 banners per event to assure exposure

Junior Rodeo -  if space available $200 for each banner ad - max 4 banners per rodeo to assure exposure

Other equine sports venues are available, Team Penning/Sorting , Gymkhana, Stock Horse Associations, etc., call for availability and pricing

*KCI reserves the right to reject ads that are not appropriate to the venue, and to restrict links from banner ads that link to inappropriate web sites.

KCI requires payment in full for Individual Rodeos (including Finals Rodeos) - 1 week prior to the posting of the draws for a rodeo.

Association Series rodeo space can be purchased for a period of time, a month, quarter, or annually, payment terms will be negotiated at time of order. 

 *ADVERTISING AGENCIES must contact KCI for processes for blocking space for resale.

ONLINE ENTRY / DRAWS / RESULTS ADS on KCI Web Services pages for Associations / Clubs / Producers

Banner Ads for KCI / Arena Management  online entry for Rodeos, or Barrel Races, and other disciplines are provided on a banner view basis., for a list of up coming event opportunities  contact us

The online entry page is a GREAT location for a local business (feed store, restaurant, etc ) to let the contestants know  of your services well ahead of them attending the actual event.

Banner Ads for our association / club / producer web services pages for draws and results pages are available if they are not filled by the account holder. We allow the account holder first option on the ad space to accommodate sponsors, or affiliated business interests.

The Draws and Results pages are a GREAT place for local and regional businesses in the area of the account holder to gain direct exposure to the membership/contestants, (again, feed stores, local  / regional trailer dealers, western stores.

Pricing for these pages are based on membership/contestant counts, we can provide page view data by account holder as required.